thanx everyone

October 12, 2006 at 8:27 pm

thanx again for sharing ur experiences , is good to get some nice thoughts, even though I know everything yous told me is good to get reassured from time to time that you are still on the right path. When I said gabapentin , I am sorry, I meant pregabalin,350mg twice a day, I know is still a low doze and we can go up a little bit, is the side effects that keeps him from doing this-the dizziness. We got the results from EMG today, there is no difference from the one he had 4 months ago. The consultant suggested some more IVIG( even though is gonna be hard to get IG now with this WW shortage)we are a bit sceptic of the idea because he didn’t respond to it in the first stage of his CIDP , did any of you responded to IVIG at some later stage of your recovery? the think is he ‘s not kin to get another IV treatment bcoz of all the superbugs from hospitals, he’s been infected thru the femoral line with a staff aureus sensible to antibiotics and got 6 weeks of IV treatment which burned his veins , terrible experience this staff, no good veins left for another 7 days of cannulas…….well it’s time for another massage and probably for another hot bath to his feet …..God Bless you all and keep well