Thanks you finally answered why the biopsy…

September 20, 2009 at 11:05 pm

I’m not sure that there might be any answers from it other than ‘damage’ is done? But maybe good neuro minds can determine WHAT that damage means.
It doesn’t take a ‘hungry’ new neuro to find things out? IT TAKES A CURIOUS one! One that doesn’t settle for the standard ‘dunno’s’ that we get. You’ve learned enough to have instinctual clues as to the kinds of questions to ask. AND don’t be shy about it! YOU know something’s wrong and you need to get better to either the source of the problem [most unlikely] or the best treatments for your symptoms, based on testing results….
Keep at it and keep asking those seemingly ‘stupid’ questions! There are heaps of them and most neuros, well?, they don’t answer them. But..the honesty of a doc in saying ‘I don’t know’ can be invaluable. The give and take of communication can go from there. AND communication is a key element to working w/your neuro and trying to get better and maybe ‘beat it’ to any degree?
Keep faith that it might/can/should get better and go from there, find out all that you can DO/BE to keep functioning as a mobile, sane human being. It’s not easy, at least, the last part? But any and every bits help!
Hope always!