Thanks Kassandra

May 24, 2009 at 9:05 pm

Thanks Kassandra! I had no idea a book was even out there and will indeed check into getting one for my own reference and understanding!
Hello Aikler! Pleasure to meet you! I guess none of us understand the reasons why things happen the way they do when it comes to illness! I don’t have GBS but have Lupus and CIDP along with a few other autoimmune problems added to that. I too often ask myself why! And can’t understand! Sounds to me like your child has had a very rough start in life. When I was a child, I went over to a friends house after school to meet the girls mother. They had two doberman pinchers. We went into the house and Tina went upstairs to get her mother while I was sitting in their living room. Then both dogs just came out from nowhere and because they didn’t know me and their master was upstairs I got attacked by both of them. I have a faded scar on one eyelif and a faded scar on my neck, three scars on my chest and one scar on my leg. All are faded alot now and are barely seen but I can see them and still know they are there. That was the most horrible thing I have ever been through in my childhood. I stayed in the hospital 3 days because one broke a bone in my arm and the swelling was bad and they needed to get the swelling down so they could take me to surgery and reset the bone. All together I had 60 stitches to bear with. I was very lucky because they got my neck on the side where the jugular vein was at. And to this day I am petrified of Doberman’s. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers along with German Shepards. In fact any large dog if I don’t know them I am scared of them. My father just to try and get my less scared of them even went out and got us a puppy. And that helped some but I still don’t trust the larger dogs. Both Dobermans that bit me ended up getting shot two weeks later because they tried to attack another person. And then for your child to get GBS right after this is just a horrible nightmare! Your child has been through quite a bit. I believe though that her experiences will end up making her a much stronger person and a fighter! I am glad to hear that she has improved and will pray for her that she gets stronger everyday and gets well soon. Welcome to the site! The GBS Foundation sends out letters and they do many fund raising for our cause! They even have conventions where others meet and get to know each other. This place is the best place to get he word out but your site too will even make more awareness! Good luck to you and your child. I will keep your family in my prayers and hope that things improve each and every day! God Bless!
Linda H