thanks John :)

June 25, 2011 at 11:30 am

sounds like you have had quite a week too—hope you are feeling better and all goes well at Northwestern. Thank you for the advice—yes i will keep a journal of my ivig progress. so far–having ivig every 12 and then every 6 has not given me significant improvement. I am hopeful that a more rigorous approach will–but am ready to suggest PE if it doesnt. after reading several posts from people here who responded to pe after not responding to ivig I have been wondering if I should just ask for a trial of it to see?? Did you have a set point at which you were determined you were ready to switch from one proocedure to another? I am finding that part to be stressful—my neurologist suggested i give the ivig a year at 12 weeks, now another at 6 weeks—–dont these people realize a year is a long time to be unable to do everyday things we enjoy??? Am i truely being an unreasonable patient to want quicker results than a year? Lori