Thanks for sharing! I’m also a success story!!!

October 22, 2011 at 10:52 am


It is so good to see you posting your continued success with the sct – I know this answers the questions in other posts regarding what happened to folks after the sct and why aren’t they posting?

I will forever be grateful to you for introducing the sct program here (and I know many others that have gone after you feel the same way). I will “pay it forward” by coming here to post my own success stories as I hope all that have gone through this will do.

When I first learned about the sct through your posts, I was doing so good on the treatment protocol designed by my neurologist, that I could still work full time and go dancing several nights a week. It was an interesting option that I filed away if needed down the road. However, my initial success with treatment didn’t continue and I suddenly took a turn for the worse. And despite changes in my treatment, I kept getting worse. When I first mentioned the sct trials to my neurologist, he immediately rejected the idea as he doesn’t like his patients used as “lab rats”! But when I asked him if he had read anything on it, he admitted he had not. So we scheduled a follow up visit while he did his research. He ended up talking to Dr. Burt several times and now believes this is an excellent option for those of us that continue to decline, despite the various treatments, and has recommended it to several other patients for a variety of diseases. He told me the neurologist only treats the symptoms of MS, CIDP, etc as they do not know the cause, they cannot treat the root of the condition. He is so happy for me and my results and glad to have his treatment options enlarged to include this protocol. He assisted me in getting into the program and I am grateful to him as well.

But Alice, you are the ONE that got this going and you will forever be a part of my healing! I am grateful beyond words and am now determined to share this hope with others that are in a hopeless situation.

Thank you, Alice! I appreciate you sticking in here in – the torch is passed!!!!!