Thanks for response!

January 16, 2009 at 3:46 pm

[QUOTE=LindaH]Hello Newhaven! Your poor mom! It’s bad enough getting GBS but having a stroke to along with it makes it hard to heal faster. I don’t know as much with GBS but know about CIDP with my case.
But am pretty sure somebody in here can answer this for you! And I will say a big prayer for your mom! Keep us posted on her recovery! Hugs
Linda H[/QUOTE]

Thanks LInda! Today she is still unresponsive. She has very elevated levels of C-reactive proteins. When I mean high…I mean high. Normal levels are 3 and she is at 120. She is now on high dose steroids to bring down the CRP levels. The IVIG is what caused the CRP levels to increase because right before she got the IVIG her CRP level was normal. This has been a crazy 2 weeks and just hope and pray she can recover from this stroke and GBS.

Thanks for response

December 31, 2007 at 4:38 am

Liz and Gabrielle – thanks for your words of encouragement. Can either of you (or anyone else out there) tell me how many people in the states are afflicted with CIDP? The number in England is approximately 500. Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge treating about 30 cases. Liz – thanks for info on UK Forum; have signed up and now waiting for user authorization. I am American living here since 1981. Happy New Year to you both and all other CIDP sufferers. 🙂 Art