Thanks for all the replies

March 15, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Thank you for all the advice on my pain. It is so good to have people to talk with that understand what you are going through, this board is a lifesaver. Our weather here in Michigan just today got cleared up and we had some sun in the afternoon, first time in a week. My pain is a little better, but I still need to take Vicodin for it. My PCP did give me a refill on the Vicodin. The Neuronton I take, 2400 – 3200 mg just does not get rid of all of it. Pain is such a debilitating part of CIDP. I told my husband I am Dr. Jekyl(in pain) and Mr. Hyde(out of pain). I told him and my daughter that when I say “I’m having a bad day”, that means I’m in pain and stay out of my way and don’t say anything to me. I hate when I take it out on them. I feel guilty enough having this damn stuff, without feeling guilty when I get in a bad mood. Thanks again for the input and I will pray for everyone and I think about all of you guys on this board. Too bad we can’t all get together to meet, but this board is second best to meeting in person.

Linda M – Thanks for the invite, I might take you up on it if I can’t get rid of this pain.

Linda W. – Thanks for the healing energy. Wyandotte is a nice place. I live in Garden City, kind of a bore city.

Clare in Michigan;)