Thanks Cheryl!

April 23, 2009 at 5:21 pm

Thanks Cheryl! I am hoping my son and his wife decide to make a trip here soon so I can get my hands on her! Bad when one lives far away and you can’t travel much! Every grandbaby I have had I was always able to be right there. But I missed her’s! That’s okay! Maybe when I get better she can come stay with grandma and I have her a while. I just want her to know her other grandma too! But I send her little gifts and try to let them both know I’m a grandma too! With my son being in the Navy travel for him is hard! Hopefully I will have many years to get to enjoy her like my other grandbabies! Only one left now that has not had children is my younger daughter. So there will be more as the years go by!
Linda H