January 6, 2008 at 10:22 am

Thank you very much all of you for the wishes.

I am sorry I could not visit the site during last one week and reciprocate your wishes.

There was a big 2 days Holy function in our colony and I was one of the volunteer. It is concluded today afternoon. Yesterday, it started from 5.30in the morning. Besides this, there were various cultural programmes till 22.30.

Any way, this was a good week for me, I could test my physical strength. There is a little paining/tiredness/weekness in my legs today.

As regards my birthday, this year on 1st Jan, I could not get off from my office work and had to spent whole day in office.

I know such (happy) birthdays are advancing my age towards retirement. I some time think what I shall be doing after 10 years. I have started thinking and exploring in mind (especially post GBS) how much work I am able to do on this birthday and how much shall be able to do on my next birthday.

Let us hope with the best wishes of all our family members, I shall be able do to the same work with same zeal and enthusiasm in the coming years.