Thank-you Hope & Stacey

January 17, 2009 at 7:49 pm

Thank-you Hope and Stacey for the tips for my feet! Going to check into the New Balance Shoes. We went grocery shopping today and before I could finish getting my groceries, I could barely walk. My feet were killing me.
Stacey! My toes are too dead. It feel weird and sometimes I do okay while other times I don’t. No feeling in my toes at all.
You know how some people have to get on their tippy toes so they can reach something in a cabinet! Well I have no feeling and can’t stand on my tippy toes! If I do I will fall. And I think because I have no feeling and everything is dead there that I end up leaning more on my heels causing them to be more stress out and then pain sets in. We we got our home I wanted carpet! My husband wanted hard wood floors and ceramic tile. The tile is beautiful but it tears my feet up. We have carpet in our living room. Only one room with carpet! I even bought those fluffy puffy bedroom slippers and they are so puffy that I almost break my neck trying to walk in them. I am still telling him I want more carpet in my home. Cushiony carpet too! LOL! Thanks for the advice about the feet. Something I have major problems with. Hugs
Linda H