Thank you all! The more input I get…?

November 10, 2009 at 8:41 pm

The better prepared I’ll be for ‘this’!
I am looking forward to it in a way? As my arms get and stay sore for 2-3 weeks after an infusion…at the catheter point. Worse yet? My skin’s gotten so thin that when the catheter is taped on to me? Skin layers come off w/the tape. Not fun at all! It takes about 3+ weeks for the skin to heal….then another round. I also suspect that I might be sensitive to some of the tapes and patches used in adhering the catheters, as sometimes I get a rash from them. I don’t think I’ll miss that!
I pretty much nixed the sub-que after talking long and hard w/my IV nurse…she’s had folks who’ve loved it? But many more who didn’t–tho she did say that since you get it and do it weekly you wouldn’t have too many of those ‘peaks & valleys’ we get in-between. I got the impression that about 60-70% drop using it after six months or so. For ME? It’s the whole needle phobia thing. And, I’ve used it on my pets and livestock when necessary…but only with a lot of shaking-quaking-deep breathing and a few prayers! For the sake of the critters.
Limecat? Fortunately I’ve not felt the need to wear underwiring! Sports-soft attire is my preference. And, my cancer docs [surgeon, plastic surgeon and oncologist] all approve of my choices, so I’m good there.
Jan & Limecat – I was afraid you’d say this! As it’s been my RIGHT side that’s gotten me around in relearning how to walk and just MOVE following extensive leg surgery. Plus, I’m going to have to work in a LOT of PT in walking just to get around! I do not like wheelchairs and I’m not too steady in the walker as I’d like to be! But, I DON’t Want Lymphodema either! Definitely. I’d had the bc surgery on my left side… ergo – worries?
I do know about caution lifting tho…I’d had cataract surgery ages ago [young for my age at the time?] and lifting more than a loaf of bread for the first week wasn’t allowed! Then I popped two stitches in the eye just talking on the phone! Fortunately no damages done, but believe me-those were teeny tiny stiches…. Looked like dust on the gauze the surgeon showed me…they felt like boulders in that eye before thhey were removed tho!
Again thank you all! It’s giving me courage to know that my thinking is on an even keel and that I’m going in the best direction for the long term. Scary stuff, all this at first? Not so bad in the long run I am believing.
Good thoughts and super things to all!