Tetinus Booster?

July 24, 2008 at 1:18 pm

MY CIDP started, over a year ago w a Tetanus Booster. None of my Docs will link the two, as a matter of fact, since my PCP had me get the booster in error (I’d had a shot 2 yrs prior, they discovered AFTER my vaccine) the did it at n/c w no record!

I learned of the possiblelonk to vaccines while merely searching CIDP (Chonic GBS, if you will) ans vaccine attourneys started popping up? There HAVE been cases won, on this, but only if your Dr agrees to the possible cause. (Many will not for fear it implicates THEM)

Good luck w your fight, I’m on SSDI, now, the IvIg hasn’t worked and, now they are talking CellCept? Ugh!!!

Read upthough, as far as Nerve Crud, ours is one of the more treatable;-)