Testing as in for

December 9, 2007 at 6:55 pm

IF you web it up and get to the Wickipedia site, there’s a nice chart there about approved various anti-body therapies approved in the U.S., the medication you mention is listed there, but for cancers.

If you are seeking the testing routines for either auto-immune or cancer diagnostics, I recommend either Athena Diagnostics or …gee the name escapes me for now regarding either biologic or genetic testings…

I suggest you call your doc[s] and demand a serious sit-down and talk/explain this all out for me? kind of meeting. I would encourage that you bring either a friend or family member who is capable of just sitting there and taking notes…to hear what you hear, but with a different set of ears…sometimes during diagnosis and proposed therapy stages with what all we go through? We do not always HEAR all that is being said.

I hope this helps you in any way or form. I can believe you are a bit upset about all that may be going on. I have been there myself, and truly understand all the questions you may have. Just ask away, but please give folks here a bit more background that they can relate, reflect and respond to. My heart is with you, as I am a ‘survivor’ {GOSH! I DO WISH THEY’d COME UP WITH A BETTER WORD?} I want to be a ‘ghost-buster’ when I grow up? You get the idea.

OK now I get it? Reading posts for a while ago…Something’s abnormal in the PET’s? Now maybe testings? Then, I’m gonna guess that the next step is biopsy…has that been done? I can now see where the Ben…stuff could be brought up…but I still would want a complete idea of where such therapy could lead you and the whys of it all. Gosh, sounds like a heap of stuff is going on! Super good thoughts your way for now!