Tell Me Im Good!!!!!!

October 10, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Was interviewed for 2 hours today, on both psych and medical stuff. I ROCKED!!!:cool:


okay, like 99% chance i got the job. he absolutely loved me and i couldnt have done better! only answers i didnt know were some about specific psych drugs. he expected that. as far as behaviors, i did awesome. the medical questions were a piece of cake. one question was a scenario question like, four problems happening at the same time; which would you respond to first. i answered it easily and he flipped out, saying i was the first person ever to get the answer right. im sooo good;)

only problem is the wage. this would be the only thing standing between me and this job. the highest pay i could get would still be a $3/hour pay cut. and that is starting me out as a level 5 nurse pay scale. that in itself is a stretch, but the manager thinks theyll do it for sure. a positive though is that the benefits are great and free, plus i can opt out of the insurance and make get paid more. i may do that. ive always had to pay for my insurance since ive been a nurse. so that may even out the pay issue.

thanks for looking out for me, everyone! i sure appreciate it!!! hope you all are doing well!