Tell it like it is

February 16, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Hey, Bearman,

I reckon we all whine and then when we are not whining we are winning. complain away, it still sux. Let it all out. then you’ll feel better.

You gotta fight, but not to extremes. You gotta accept what you go, but not until you know you got it. And then? Fix it. A continuous ‘oh, poor me pity party’ will only get you more of that.

It works for me to focus on what I can do. And, on getting a confirmed second diagnosis. Well, I’d like a confirmed 2nd opinion of same treatment plans too! I think I’m dreaming there.

I had trouble swallowing in the mid 1980’s. Mostly gone away now, thank goodness. In that time frame I was hospitalized numerous times for foreign body obstruction. Above (or below) the Heimlich maneuver choke point, thankfully. Whichever, I could still always breathe.

I do recall reading about IgM trouble here, but, bless me, a search of IgM returns ‘not found.”

Maybe one of them will pipe up.

Tell it like it is!

June 10, 2008 at 8:46 am

I don’t know how other people think, only how I think. Why keep the truth from him? I never have liked having people hold information from me. I would rather be told just exactly how it is so I can get on with dealing with it.

Your father will have a lot of ups and downs before he gets back to any type of a normal life and I do not think it will ever be like it was before. I know that it was not for me and I had to except it whether I liked it or not. Just stick with him through it all.

I do hope that he is receiving as much physical therapy as he can handle without over doing it.