sure hope i get better news soon

July 20, 2010 at 11:30 pm

things are getting bad again. ive been off my feet for a week now after falling my back has been hurting really bad my knee been bothering me my right foot is a mess between the cramps my big toe nail is fixing to fall off and the hole in my foot hurts really bad. i really dont know how i am going to get around in a few weeks they are doing surgery on my foot its a tailors bunion they have to break a bone and reset it. if i dont get it done i will always have pain the dr said i will eventually get an infection in the bone and will loose part of my foot. the only good part about being off my feet is the cellulitus has went down alout down 6 mm in my thighs and 5 in the really seeing now i have hardly any muscles in my calf. i have really noticed im loosing alout in my hands now. im afraid those few weeks im going to be off my feet thats going to be it. and i wont be able to walk anymore. i have been trying not to get depressed about it but there is alout on my plate. between waiting for a paycheck for 4 months after they told me would take 15 days for my sick time. i went out on 3-28 can you believe i still havnt herd from my short term disability i just dont think they care . not knowing if i could ever go back to work i realize now i wont be going back if i go out on disability from work i will loose my insurance so ive been holding off as long as i can. what i will get from work disability wont even pay half my house payment. i have signed up for ssi disability but it could be a year before i get it. i cant sell the place it was in my brothers name before he died got everything done and in my name had to pay 20k just to get it financeable that was 2 weeks before i got disabled. have all the ringers shut off i get 40 calls a day from creditors . so if i was depressed i have good reason. the part that really gets me is a year ago i was fine now just watching people walking and enjoying themselves kills me they just have no idea how lucky they are