suggestions for sleep

January 29, 2008 at 3:50 pm

Welcome to this forum. I hear your frustration with the pain and numbness. I was diagnosed with GBS in March of last year and had similar concerns with everything–especially numbness getting worse at night–so much that sometimes it seemed I would not be able to move after sleeping. I did not then have that much pain. I tried changing positions to sleep and this helped. I would get up and move to another place to sleep and this helped–both to move and the different pressures/positions–for example I would sleep a while in my bed, then go to the couch, and then the easy chair… Lots of pillows to keep pressure off the legs/arms helped; put a pillow/cushion between any parts that touch. You might try one of those eggcrate mattress covers to reduce pressure. Keeping my feet warm helps a lot now. I have to wear socks.

The other major thing to help is keeping my feet up in the day and limiting walking. If I do this, the pain is much better and I can sleep better and get more restorative sleep. I think that fluid builds up a little in the legs and this causes pressure and pain on the nerves (even though I do not get obvious edema).

Aleve also helps me. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (cousin of naprosyn) as does Cymbalta.

I wonder if one problem people might have with sleeping is an alteration in pH or oxygenation level that might affect nerves more in the night. This could be one reason that change in position helps and why cold makes things worse.

With Hope for cure of these diseases.