Strange things about the shots too

August 18, 2008 at 5:32 am

I too had a bout and the hospital diagnosed me having a stroke after I had the Hepatitis B Vaccine. But the strange thing too was in 1984 during the birth of my first child, I had partial placenta previa and stayed in the hospital over a month.Then ended up having placenta previa and was rushed from my hospital bed into surgery. Lost 5 units of blood and had blood transfusion. After that transfusion, I was telling doctors back then that I thought I was rejecting the new blood.
Seems like everytime I have something done, I get the CIDP attacks. But I too was diagnosed with Lupus. That disease in itself can be a major pain having. I hate being sick! I really do, but just try to except it and go on with what life I do have. Excepting it makes it easier to handle the disease.