story sound like mine exosurf

January 10, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Sounds like we have a lot of the same ?s on the sct. My neuro hs never suggested anything else other than the ivig either. I did try prednisone (at my own request) it made my cidp worse. I was thinking the same thing–about the sct–if you get chemo with it anyway why bother with the chemo first? Why not just go big and get it done!!! I’d like to think of it as “curing ” the cidp though—if I do not have to continue with IVIG , it kills the bad antibodies, and the nerves heal–then it sounds cured to me. Do most people with cidp know what the antibody is? I would think if they have a measurable antibody and they know the starting % or amount that chemo could be done to the point of that bad antibody being eliminated and not have to knock out the whole immune system? After my next neuro appt in Feb. I think I will call on the sct procedure too….the most they can do is say Im not a candidate for it—but at least i will know. Lori