stomach pain

January 29, 2008 at 4:22 pm

Sometimes people can develop lactose intolerance after an episode of diarrhea. Many people are born with it to one degree or another. LActaid may help. People really sensitive have to avoid cheese and other dairy products. What you describe sounds more like something a gas or motility issue, though.

Reglan can help a lot if there are GI mobility issues so that things do not move through the GI system very well and so people at baseline feel more bloated and gassy. The autonomic nervous system may not track exactly the same as the peripheral nervous system in manifestations, I have personally found.

I am sure that you are watching for this, but be careful about sodas as well as other gas producing foods/drinks.

A lot of kids with stomach pains are helping with simple things like heat or rubbing of the stomach gently or being held and rocked. The love helps and the rocking motion can help with moving gas along inside.

With Hope for cure of these diseases.