Still in ICU

March 3, 2008 at 4:00 pm

Thanks for the advice. The last two days have been basically a holding pattern for Carolyn. We noticed her stomach is “bloated” and they did an ultrasound and found all OK (if you believe these people know what they’re doing – which we do not). Tomorrow they’re supposed to do a brocheostomy because they think there is fluid in her left lung which should be suctioned. Carolyn’s heart rate was in the 90’s today, BP about 96/68 and respiration about 15-20. She told us (through forced whispered breaths) a nurse named Joann in rehab “saved her life”. That’s the second time we’ve heard that she almost died. We went to thank the nurse but she won’t be in until tomorrow and we’ll be sure to see her then.

Carolyn has been assigned her own doctor (Finally! After hearing it from all of us about no doctor point of contact during this whole nightmare). I spoke to her designated doctor yesterday and was adamant about her not going directly to rehab from ICU. Suddenly they understand that it’s not a good idea! She assured us Carolyn would be going to a regular hospital room from ICU. We will make sure that happens. We asked Carolyn again today about going to Columbia but she refuses because it’s too far away from her family.:rolleyes: