still feeling down and symptoms getting stronger

January 3, 2010 at 8:18 pm

went to movies and brunch with a friend. i know i should be thankful that i can get out, but right now that is very hard. I had GBS before the CIDP and was paralyzed from my eyes down. still numb aand tingling from the chin down now. spent 2 yrs in a power wheel chair had drop foot in both feet, had achilles tendon release(still wear AFO on left side) feet are permantly damaged and wont come back. spent 1 of 2yrs in a nursing home because my parents couldnt take care of me at home. eventually am told will end up back in there. bladder still an issue and am afraid hands are permanent as well they feel just like my feet. Mental health issues make all of this harder. I am bipolar with depression being the worst right now not having manic symptoms at all. I jsut get so overwhelmed and cant deal with it all. supposed to have IVIG but still have a kidney stone and need that taken car eof first. seems like this is taking forever.right now having symptoms of a stomach virus. will call drs tomorrow. I try to push through and get out fo the house but everycouple of days i am breaking down and cant quit crying.