still an airhead

October 9, 2007 at 5:48 pm

Hi, it is finally happening. The next four Mondays I will be receiving after almost 2 years of trying the new treatment, Rituxan. Today we had to go through chemo education even so it is not really chemo, no hair loss and all those bad negative side effects.. I’m still a bit nervous because there may be some side effects during the infusion like nausea, fever etc. as a reaction to the foreign antibodies. This treatment should take care of the underlying lymphoma very quickly. If it does work the way I hope it will, the secondary problem, – which is not very secondary for me – the peripheral neuropathy, the numb feet and hands, the loss of balance, should take quite a bit longer to get better, probably several months. Today we also for the first time got a copy of the results for the PET/CT scan I had last week. There is no metastasis anywhere in the body. They discovered multiple calcified gallstones, however, and a remaining empty space in my brain, a leftover of the subdural hematoma I had in April. So you still can call me an airhead. 😀 The discovery of the gallstones is just an extra unexpected benefit of getting the PET scan and a heads-up. If I ever should experience excruciating pain in that area I’ll know what that might be.

I’ll keep you all updated

[QUOTE=ski86401]I’ve always wondered if that re-dx was the doctors way of insureing I would recieve the Retuxan treatments. By the way–I have regained some use/dexterity since I started treatment. I’ve also had no problem with Medicare/TriCare paying for the 5 treatments. [/QUOTE]

I have wondered about that, too. I still have not seen the lab report of the bone marrow biopsy. I will get copies of all my records on Monday when I start treatment. That lab report will be the first thing I’ll look at .