Sticking Together

November 23, 2010 at 10:47 pm

My man emitch74 always tells it like it is. He literally pulled himself off his death bed in that nursing home. Until I got sick with this chronic and incurable disease, I had no idea how politics and money influenced the practice of medicine. Whether it’s insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmacies, home nursing agencies, hospitals or doctors, the players in the health care system have an interest in protecting their turf, their profits, and their egos. I am certain that many physicians are genuinely caring and concerned for their patients. Some obviously are not. However, even the good doctors can’t make much of a difference in a perverse health care system that is only willing to pay doctors to treat us all like products on an assembly line. The system hates nothing more than a patient who’s difficult and EXPENSIVE!!! to treat. You’re absolutely right, the medical community is invested in itself and itself alone. All the more reason you need to look out for yourself and we all need to help each other…which we WILL do.:mad: