Steroid effect?

July 5, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Jerimy, I wonder are there new symptoms that lead to the diagnosis of cerebral atrophy or was it just one of the things seen on the MRI? I work with children and there are a lot of them that have cerebral atrophy from high dose or prolonged steroids or from chemotherapy (or radiation). My own MRI was read as some cerebral atrophy. It is seen on the MRI was the main brain section being smaller than expected or as there being more space between the curves on the surface of the brain. It is also seen in, I think, every person as part of aging if one lives long enough (past middle age). So although this is not ever in the category of good, it may not be as bad as it sounds. For example, if the atrophy occurred as a consequence of treatments in the past, it will not be progressive. You will be like you are. the concern, of course, is that there is some degenerative process in which brain cells are dying. This will be seen over time by a repeat MRI. If this worries you a lot, ask if it is mild or moderate or severe and if it would be due to past treatments. I have seen lots of MRI reports that state that there is cerebral atrophy and when I ask the radiologist–they are just being complete to say that the size of the brain is slightly reduced. I was told on mine that those words did not mean a lot more than that I was not twenty anymore. I very much hope that this is not a huge new diagnosis for you.
WithHope for a cure of these diseases