stay positive

June 8, 2011 at 10:14 am

hey scaredwife

nice of you to be the one finding answers here, your DH is fortunate to have you there.

I clung to and put a lot of expectations around timelines, it became frustrating.

There is a decent book to read on it you can get from amazon, I think there is only one book on it.

I think the majority here have become frustrated by neuros because they all give the same answer-good prognosis, no timeline. In fairness to them, they are giving the answers that the foremost medical experts on gbs give.

what helped me?
-staying as positive as possible, even if it seemed like denial
-stretching is number one
-exercise in any comfortable manner, I found swimming to be very much to my liking
-massage as hard and deep as he can take it, he’ll know what needs it, I recommend finding a good massage therapist
-for my mental well-being, meeting positive people who recovered or were moving on in life positively helped immensely. Get in contact with someone to talk to, feel free to contact me.
-I agree that he should keep an eye on returning to work even if it takes time to recover. Goals helped me.
-Do something that he always wanted to do with some time off. For example, I have long wanted to rebuild a beat-up guitar. I finally got to do that over last winter. I now have a fabulous guitar I am very fond of.
-concerts, sporting events, vacations, sex, whatever the body can handle

Best to you, be patient-you have no other choice.:)