Sounds so familiar

August 30, 2008 at 9:32 pm

Your symptoms & pain are so familar. Its like I was writing your orig. post on this forum. That heavy band feeling is there especially when I have over done. But boy is it scary. The tingling/numbness I have all the time 24/7. It has never gone away. Sometimes at night the pain is so intense I just lay in bed & cry, is this ever going to end?:confused:
One thing about the Beclofen, Do you also take Lyrcia? I know we are all different but when theY put me on Beclofen 2x day & the Lyrica I had a horrible reaction SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!:)
Please rest and listen to your body. Do you work. I have not worked since diag. 4/07. On SSD now and probasbly forever who knows!:(
Hang in there & heres a big cyber hug for ya!:)