sorry jim101

January 4, 2009 at 5:55 pm

Sorry Jim101 if my question was so “silly” for you. Yes, I most certainly had GBS and if you read other posts by me… was a mild case. I was fortunate to be lucky, and I know (and am very thankful for) that aspect. It does not make me any less sympathetic to those who had severe cases. I am still paralyzed in my face; one month shy of one year! I still have pain, spasms, and major fatigue. My question was simply that I was never on meds and curiuous why others were. I know others had/have more severe pain, but did not know if the meds was more to not get it again or help something besides pain. Again, jim101….my apologies if you felt I was ignorant as I certainly am not; just looking for answers. Thanks and good luck to you!