Sorry if this was covered before

April 20, 2010 at 4:32 pm

I think some of the information is skewed since the people that have recovered more significantly than some of us, don’t even come here to post as they are not looking for answers. And even if they did, since they have travelled this road they probably know that there’s nothing they can tell us that worked for them that will work for us.

I’ve had 3 people who i’ve worked with have GBS one from my same office, one from another city and one in London and they all fared better than me. I also had an uncle who had it and recovered better.

My case was more serious (that goes with out saying since it happened to me!) in that I was like a number of you hospitalized 3 months (6 wks ICU, trach, infections, blood clots, pneumonia, etc) and they weren’t as incapacitated. I’m left with nerve damage in my right hand and both feet, very similar to what a number of you report.

I still want answers and hope that there can be more research as to a cause or treatment.

PS – my ordeal of 5 years ago, was much more devasting on my family and friends and thank god for them