Sorry for the delay

August 22, 2006 at 11:27 am

Sorry to all you wonderful caring people for not posting sooner. I have just been so exhausted that even the smallest tasks really take it out of me.

To update: I went to the ER on last Thursday. My facial numbness was increasing and the electrical shock-like pains down my body had me in tears. I got really scared so I sat in the ER for several hours only to be talked down to and looked at like I was crazy. I was asked many times how come I said my feet and legs were numb and getting number, only to also claim they were tingly? Also, how can I claim to be numb AND experiencing the terrible tear-jerking stabs of pain? I believe they thought I was an idiot and just looking for sympathy or drugs.

Finally after lying there crying for a couple of hours and my mom stepping in with her 2 cents, they sent me for a CAT scan “to rule out” a stroke. The on call Dr. claimed to have called and consulted with my neurologist over the phone and that “they agreed” that is sounded like a complex migraine. So at that point I was given a huge injection of morphine, halodol (sp?) and benedryl and promptly discharged! Hello? They gave me this drug cocktail and then let me leave???? (side note- I do have a history of migraines, but NEVER EVER like this) I was SO pissed off.

The shot doped me up so much that someone could have cut off my arm and I wouldnt have noticed. I went home and slept for many hours, not waking up until after 12pm the next afternoon. When I woke the pains and new numbness was gone, but the major fatigue and weakness in my legs remained. I spent the weekend trying to rest and not over do it as I noticed that if I spent any more energy than what was required to breathe I would start having a migraine-like headache and the sharp pains would start coming back.

I am going for my lumbar puncture today and to have a few words with my neuro. I will wait and chew him out AFTER he does my LP as I dont like the idea of pissing off someone who is about to stick a needle in my spine… ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought about changing doctors, but supposedly he is one of the best in my area and then I would have to wait for an appointment and schedule tests, etc. My goal is to get my tests done, demand a copy of my file and then take them to another doctor for another opinion. I also have an MRI scheduled for next week. 3 hours lying in a tube sounds so much fun.

Sorry to be so long winded. But I wanted to update you wonderful people. Ya’ll have been great support and it has been much appreciated as I dont get much emotional support from my hubby as he doesnt handle medical problems well. He is a strong, smart man but he just doenst get medicine. Plus he hates things being wrong that he cant fix and currently he sees me as need repairs and he is qualified. ๐Ÿ˜€ God love him.

Still waiting in limbo,

sorry for the delay

August 9, 2006 at 8:20 am

Hai .piper sorry i have not seen the thread all these days.first of all i would like to tell u that the pain which we get before the treatment is so serious that i would ask the god not to be faced even to my enemies..secondly if the treatment is not done till today i would suggest to take ur husband to other doc if possible………..demand every thing with the doctors as they are paid for that………………..and let them feel the feelings what we have……god bless ur family and pray for ur husband for the speedy recovery.