Something else

March 28, 2010 at 1:22 am

I have thought about this all through this day and just wanted to say two other things that are important to remember. First, that not being eligible for a wish from Make-a-Wish also has a good side–that what a child has is not life-threatening. Each time I fill out one of these forms, I know that some of the children will not live to grow up and when I have to explain why someone is not eligible–it is to say that what they have is very, very unlikely to kill them. I am glad to say that. It is disappointing to the child, but, in the great arena of life–what a good thing it is really.

Second, that it would really be great if everyone had a chance for some dream, over-the-top wonderful experience to happen to them especially those children that lose a lot of their childhood fighting illness. We heartily support “wish”foundations because this touches something in so many of us and also “wish” foundations typically also honor the whole family not just the ill child. I think this is why there are quite a number of wish foundations and that chronically ill children also are specifically eligible in some. Being “life-threatening” is terrible, but the families in which the lives of all center around treatment of a very serious illness also benefit greatly from a time of joy and togetherness in which coping with the day-to-day is put aside for dreams.

Just some things to think about. WithHope