Some type of exercise is always good!

August 30, 2010 at 8:24 am

I came down with very acute GBS 35 months ago — where I could only move my eyeballs.

I wouldn’t have believed then, or a year later, or a year later after that, that I would still be rehabilitating after 35 months. But that is the case. I keep doing it because first of all, I do like to exercise for my physical AND mental well being. But I am also happy to do it because I am still seeing progress.

So that is my big question — do you continue to see progress? If so, you are doing something right that is worth continuing. Even if not, PT could be useful, and perhaps it is a different approach as that is needed, as said by Carolyn.

The thing is certainly to not give up hope of further recovery. I believe that when I hit 46 months I am still going to accomplish many things that I can’t do at 35 months (and I am not so young anymore – I am 51)!