Some more info

April 11, 2007 at 8:40 pm

We went to see nate’s primary doc this morning to get a referral for a new neuro doc either at UCSD or a private Neuro our doc knows. He thinks the private doc will take Nate on a referral from him. I hope so.
UCSD is not real close to here and I really hate horrible parking and clinic situations like that would be.
Nate’s Ortho doc and his PT person says nate needs some new testing to see what is going on with his hands, legs and feet. The numbness comes and goes and comes back. Nate loses his knees a lot more than he was and he injures them when they go out from under him. It’s also kind of scary when that happens and it hurts.
Nate gets a little worried and so do I that he could be heading for a chronic thing. Hopefully not but we need to know.
Nate also had some blood clots in his pee recently but it stopped. He says nate probably has bladder dysfunction since he only goes about 3 times a day. He cannot feel when his bladder is full until it is really full. Then he has a really hard time getting started.
The whole thing doesn’t sound good to me.
He wants us to bring him a sample to see if there is anymore blood in it. I hope not.
Nate may need to see a urologist to see if there is anything that can be done to help with that problem.
I can’t imagine only going 3 times a day. I go about 10!
I also told our primary doc that nates Ortho doc says nates leg bones are “washed out”. He knew what I meant.
It means that when someone is paralyzed, their bones get weak and fragile.
He says it takes a long time to get them strong again and that is why you can break them so easily and injure everything attached to them.
That makes sense to me.
I still haven’t heard from them about whether the neuro doc will take nate.
I hope we hear soon.
Trudy, natesmom