So nice to be back!

May 23, 2006 at 5:33 pm

Hi, and thanks for all the welcoming replies!:D

I remember a few of the threads from the old forum, not the complete contents of course, but the topics. I could start them anew, and see if people were interested in sharing their experiences once more, and add new ones.

At the moment I remember we were talking about getting\not getting colds, how stress influences CIDP\PDN(my variety of polyneuropathy), how successful Rituxan treatment has been for CIDP\PDN, and of course my favourite:”Daily Delights”.;)

I really think it’s a pity that attached photos don’t appear in the post itself anymore, it made them much more lively! And I also hope that the number of smilies will increase in due course, I miss all the options we used to have.

When it comes to down-sizing photos for posting here, Picasa (which one can download from the Net for free) made it so much easier for me – with a little explanation from my son, that is.

Do you remmber the flower-bed I told you I managed to weed last year? Well, to-day’s attatchment is of this bed with tulips. Later the perennials will blossom one after the other, and I will try to keep you posted!