So Exciting!

October 6, 2008 at 10:26 pm

Room 679, Congratulations! This is so exciting. May’s a great month to have a new baby. My daughter was born then. Just a suggestion on the nausea. I had the nausea residuals and the extreme morning sickness. The only thing that helped me besides laying down and not eating (can’t do those all the time) was the accupressure wrist bands. The Sea Bands are what I started with and work well; they are easy to position and elastic. I later got some PSI Bands because they are rubbery, prettier, and water proof. The great thing is that they can’t hurt you or complicate the GBS, they just apply pressure at your wrists. You can order the bands online or look at a health food store with the motion sickness stuff. Good luck! Foxflower