smells are so bad!

June 13, 2008 at 7:49 pm

smells make me really sick! Some people say it is because im pregnant, but this is my 3rd child, and the sensitivity is like pregnancy x 1000. Oh, man! it is the things that you would never think would smell wierd, like juice, meat, soaps, cleaners, most anything! the only thing that gives me relief is to stick my nose in fresh strawberries. I know its wierd, but its the truth. my mom laughs at how white i am, so i tried sunless tanning lotion and i was sick until i took 2 showers. same with deodorant and icyhot. and its not just a “that stinks” kind of thing; it drains my entire body. so weird! absolutely no lotions, perfumes, etc. let me know if you figure out anything that works. like i said, fresh strawberries and fresh air are the only things that help me.