Small Fiber Neuropathy & cervical spondylosis

December 16, 2008 at 9:13 pm

Hi Kathi,
I know it has been 2 yrs since you posted the message below, however I was searching the net for info on small fiber neuropathy and I came upon this site. Your situation sounded so similar to mine that I registered with this service in order to correspond with you.
I am a 58 year old female who at age 47 yrs was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis or degeneration of the disc in my neck. I had my first fusion at C5/C6 in 1987, a second fusion at C4/C5 in 2000 and the last two at C3/C4 & C6/C7 after removal of a tetanium plate which had been inserted in 2000 to stabalize my neck.The plate caused terrible pain & headaches in addition to the growth of a large bone spur which pressed into my throat causing me to wake up at night choking. After they removed the plate and spur I definitely found relief. However my lower neck, shoulders and shoulder joints hurt continuously. I went on long term disability 5 years ago and I might add, at the height of my career as a clinical social worker.
In feb of this year I noticed the toes on my left foot started to turn outward and became very painful. Within a mth or so the last 3 toes became numb, It is now 9 mths down the road and both feet are numb, burn, & tingle. At times my legs feel like electic shocks. Numbness sometimes moves up my rt leg to just above the knee but then the next day it goes away. Sometimes the numbness feels like a tight band strangling my ankle. Sometimes my feet are so cold I cannot tolerate walking on a tiled kitchen floor even with rubber bottom slippers on, without horrible pain.
Last week I saw a neurologist at Lahey Clinic in Boston who ordered MRI’s of my lumber and cervical spine as well as EMG’s and they were all normal. Several blood test were done which appeared to be normal and I am not diabetic. The doc suspects that the problem is small fiber neuropathy and has prescribed neurontin. Like you I think the problem has somthing to do with my cervical issues but he as well as 2 other neurologist have said otherwise. I have been taking percocet for my cervical pain for 10 years and now they are recommending more meds. I am really fed up with the lack of answers and the lack of interest shown by doctors. Please, if there is ANYONE out there who has a similar problem and can give me insight and advise I would greatly appreciate it.
With all this said, Kathi how are you doing now .. 2 years down the road? I hope you have had better results. Please let me know how you are doing and my apology for this long message!