Slowly stretching out the ligaments and muscles

May 8, 2010 at 5:15 pm

I suppose hydrotherapy might help, if a person has access to a pool.
But be careful. I was a strong swimmer, swimming up to 75 laps at a time, and there are lots of ways to hurt yourself while swimming. Torn muscles are rather common. And you can overdo, and that’s hard on the heart. Since the pools are chlorinated, watch out for breathing problems and asthma if your lungs are sensitive. It just depends on your present condition, whether or not you’re up to it.

I’m afraid I might drown, since my reaction time is so diminished nowadays and I can’t trust my balance. I can only hold my breath for a few seconds now, not like before. I get dizzy easily. And I’ve got too many tight ligaments, and the cold water would make matters worse. I’d just end up tearing my ligaments with all the vigor of the motions.

The one thing that has been helping me for a couple of weeks now is to stretch out my limbs first thing in the morning while in bed under the quilt, while all of my muscles are warm. I stretch every muscle, neck, back, arms and legs–even my ribcage by taking deep breaths and holding them. I just hold each stretch for up to a minute or more, and feel the ligaments resist, then hurt, then slowly stretch out and stop hurting. After 15 minutes of this, I get out of bed, and lo and behold, I can walk without baby steps, and my feet are better coordinated. On the days I don’t do the stretches as much, my feet are worse and my gait is more awkward. So I know that this works…at least for me. Try it.

I found that the more vigorous exercises, like lying on your back doing leg or arm lifts and knee bends and ankle rotations actually did more harm than good, because repeated rapid movement damaged the tightened muscles and tendons. But these repeated slow stretches accomplished the purpose and were very easy to do, and at the end of them I was without pain, and could move more freely.