sleep paralysis

August 6, 2008 at 7:46 pm

I recently heard about someone with sleep paralysis–in which his mind would wake up, but he could not move his body for several minutes and had to gradually get his body to work again by willing it to slowly begin moving. He did not have a neuropathy. He said it was really scarey to not be able to move, but be awake. This almost sounds like what you have, probably altered some by the fact that you do have neuropathy. If you Google “sleep paralysis”, you can get info from Wikipedia including a “how to cope with” it page and there is a nice “patient handout” from the Stanford Sleep Disorders clinic. The how to page has some suggestions to reduce the frequency. You do not say if you can move your arms. If so, touching or massaging your legs might help them to wake. Changing position might help.
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