Similar story

September 27, 2007 at 1:46 pm

Hi Michael,

I have been through heck and back. MY original neurologist thought I had a rare form of GBS in March after a severe case of food poisoning. Then traditional doctors and neurologists told me it was conversion disorder since my symptoms kept getting worse over time?!!?!?! The dr’s just don’t know!

I won’t bore you with the details of what I’ve been through the past 7 months, unless you want me too!

I gave up! I started seeing a naturopath and now a new physician who had medical problems of his own and was sick of traditional medicine! Anyway, I did the “elimination diet”. I found that dairy, egg yolks, beef, and pork ALL caused my neurological symptoms to flare up! I never had problems before! My new dr. brought up so many factors that other dr.s totally missed…even environmental issues.

I am now following the Swank MS diet – I have a friend with MS and swears by it. I don’t get to “eat out” much due to my strict diet. :*(

I’ve been curious to know if people with other autoimmune disorders have benefited from dietary changes…I guess you prove it! This has me optimistic that I don’t have MS. My new drs are thinking it might be MS.

I don’t seem to have an issue with Gluten. I was just tested last week for Celiac disease and am in “the process” of my GI test ;0) along with other numerous test – the IGG food antibodies being one.

I do have tingling and fatigue that I can’t seem to kick. I have been eating raw/organic fruits & veggies, & soy mainly.

Thanks Michael
Please keep us posted & I’ll let you know what my test results are!