Silver HawkII / Dave

January 23, 2007 at 8:46 pm

Thank you all for the fast reply’s !!

First as far as the spinal tap is was my understanding after all these years
that is no longer a option?
I do get tired and exhausted real easy has been that way for many years.
Although in the last year seems to come even easier.
When I got what ever I got! On Friday night was just fine got up Sat. AM
we had built a new home and we were painting the out side ourselves.
Got over to the house about 9:00 AM this was in July and it was really hot and muggy. But I still felt fine but when I went to go up the ladder I could not lift my feet I had to pull myself up. I would guess from the waist down I had lost it. Was wrote off as unknown virus.
Pam I will be e-mailing you soon maybe we can talk the net is wonderfull but talking seems a little better way or perhaps just faster?

Anyway many thanks for the quick reply’s.

Silver HawkII
Dave Wakefield