Side-effects and CIDP

February 15, 2007 at 11:16 am

Thanks for that. I heard back from my neurologist and he was adamant that its o.k. to use saline with the Gamunex. He also said in no way should it affect the efficacy of the treatment. Again slowing down the infusion time should help and I need a nurse that isn’t in a hurry. I do premedicate with tylenol and benedryl. I also thought about the not moving part during the infusion but my back hurt for days after too.
I am a patient person so if I need to get used to the IVig and its effects, then that’s what I’ll do.
Next infusion is next Tuesday. I’m setting my mind on it improving each time!

Sorry for you for your misdiagnosis, its all in the letters isn’t it.;)
Good luck to you too,