Shuffle off to Buffalo – an old song’s lyrics

April 7, 2008 at 6:55 pm

I apologize – I thought you lived in Buffalo, NY. But maybe both Buffalos have bad weather. I think GBS is a ZEN disease – you have to live in the NOW as far as recovery goes. Do not look behind (oh the horror of it!) and do not look ahead (it is too slow a recovery so it will disappoint you). Just accept what you have and notice the little improvements when they appear. I noticed today that I do not need to hold on to the door frame to pull myself up the big step into the house. (Not a big step for regular people.) I practiced walking normal when I went out for groceries. Now it’s for real.
I believe that the Intelligent Universe/GOD slows us down when we won’t. Guess that happened to both of us. My hypothesis is that GBS is viral although they cannot identify it. When I stopped taking my supplements for one day it came on 100 times worse. That is why I was able to keep it under control and not be hospitalized. I should have been but I was afraid of MRSA and them not letting me keep my supplements. It was a big leap of faith but I am glad I took it.
IF you want to hear an interesting experience, read what happened to JEFF in the hospital. It is makes you question reality. Just go to some of his earliest posts.
Thanks for verifying that Stress is what brought on your GBS. People argue that you cannot get it twice and you cannot get it from stress. But we know better, Brett!