Shes coming home :)

July 24, 2006 at 10:59 am

All is well on the home front for now. I have spoken with soninlaw and it appears he felt i didnt trust him to tell me the truth. Well I did trust him as I told him. I trusted him with my daughters life , I was just upset how I learned
about what she had (as I said from another family member). However thats all
gone and under the bridge…its past. Now the main thing is she may be released on Thursday. She will have approx 4mo- 1 yr recovery. She had a mild case however, hers happened mainly in face, and arms and legs. She is able to walk and talk a bit and I have chatted with her. She just didnt want anyone around her to see her like that. She says she will need me more after when she is home than now while in the hospital. So I will go when she needs me most. Doesnt bother me too much, just I felt I should have been there for her at the start, but as someone stated earlier, if they have a solid relationship (which they do and I am grateful for that) then I may only interfere if I went down. I dont at any time wish to create problems for her.
I am still praying for all those who have this syndrome. It can reek havoc on your life. I thank God for people who are so understanding, even tho they are suffering more than my daughter has. thank you from the bottom of my heart