She is coming HOME !!

January 15, 2009 at 10:59 am

She is coming home tomorrow. Her husband and home care services will be taking care of her. She is still on the Respirator, but on CPap when awake, and SMIV when sleeping.
She still has no control from the neck down, but says she feels pain when I touch her hands and/or feet. I told her that I was told by an ICU nurse that the first “sense” to show signs of restoration, is pain.
I installed a 10 circuit Transfer switch for the ‘clean power’ 8K Generator to ensure back-up power for whatever equipment is needed to support her in case of a power outage in Fla.
I have been staying at her house since Dec to get it ready for her arrival home. Even have a 2 X 6 Welcome Home Banner outside so when she arrives, she will see it before going inside. (It’s been 7 months since she has been to her new house. I have lived in her house longer than she has.)