Send Gammaguard my way

February 24, 2007 at 2:31 pm

I have been on IVIG nearly two years now. I have no idea what brand was when first in hospital and got Dx. All I know is that I was able to sit up on my own and was waling again by end of 5 day treatments. Since then we have tried varying cycls of threatment, always with 25gm dosing per day. Currently on 3 days every 21 days. Doing ok with it but have to get them now at hospital rather than home health.

When I was on home health I got Gamma guard and loved it, I was improving with every treatment. towards end of home health I got Gammunex and it was ok but burned my veins up fast. On first day at hospital I got one of them, (can’t remember which one now). Every since then I’ve been getting Carimune and I HATE IT. As I’ve told the nurses and even the pharmicist at hospital, it is like it keeps me from falling back off the deep end but only holding me at the level of function and pain I was at before cycle started. Several other patients in outpaitent room agrees with me.

So, if I’m sick or otherwise not feeling well, it simply keeps the CIDP from getting worse but not helping me improve at all. I did NOT have to take any steroids when on first two but have now been through 3 dose packs of Prednisone since started going to hospital. SO PLEASE, someone get the price (I’m sur that is major factor for hospital) before I explode from all the eating the steroids makes me do. I’ve seen the back of my pantry first time since moved in house, while on those steroids. 😮

Good luck all and best wishes,