selah gets a new dx

May 24, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Hi guys,

Selah saw her new pediatric neurologist, Dr. Jerry Mendell, last Wed. and he diagnosed her within 5 minutes with cidp. I knew this in my heart but it is hard to hear as she is 2. I was hoping he would do more testing on her or something. He said that he wants to aggressively treat her and started her on weekly ivig at 5 grams per tx. He said that this keeps her at a steady flow rather than an up and down affect. He wants her nerves to heal and then see how she is functioning. He also prescribed pre benadryl and solumethal (a steriod) before each treatment. He said he wants her to go to the infusion clinic in the hospital for this. Her appt. time was 10:30 and they put her on at 12:45. This is a long time when you are 2. They could not get her iv started and had to do her thumbsucking hand.He also looked closely at her nerve study that was done in Dec. and said that she had no blockages, only slowing. I said I thought that this was good and he said no. He made it sound like blockages were easier to treat or something. I told him we were working for a full remission for Selah!!!!! He said absolutely. He said that a lot of children do go into full remission. He also made another interesting comment, He said that 50% of adults go into remission. Any comments on that from you guys? WOW!!!! I agree with Withhope in that someone needs to come up with a way to reset the immune system. I have a son that is really smart, and I keep telling him to grow up and be a Christian doctor that loves the Lord and does what the Lord tells him and the Lord will show him secret things that other people do not know!!!!! He loves science but he says he wants to be an engineer and work for the lego company. Oh well, maybe Selah. I am also trying to find out more about this IgG thing.