Second opinions are cheap! And…

March 17, 2010 at 9:29 pm

a good cheap way to ‘interview other’ docs.
You just mite in the process ‘find’ the doc you both like and need.
Some neuros are skimpy w/IG infusions and then say …they don’t work! DUH? Others lay it on and it can/does work! Worth a try at least. Maybe some more good useful testing can be done? Never know.
Don’t give up on the concept or the treatment? Just question the dosage and/or the brand and quantity/quality of treatment.
Lots of good advice give by all before me. You tho? Don’t give up because there’s no seemingly real hope. There is!!!
Hang in there! It took me over a year to get diagnosed and treated, and it was one whopper of an effort! But I got it and I wouldn’t be mobile now were it not for that exhausting effort years ago.
Keep faith in yourself, how you do or don’t feel? And be persistent in asking intelligent questions about it all. Never ever accept NO for an answer? Don’t know is a a ‘start’ to dialogue as to how to find out the ‘not knows’ and go from there! I have faith in you, and I believe others here do as well. Go get ’em tiger! Hope always!