SCT versus Cytoxan

September 27, 2011 at 2:40 pm

This subject would benefit from some discussion.

In the past, I’ve read on this forum that one, or more members, benefited from treatment with Cytoxan. Perhaps they are still on board and will eventually reply. Of course one could always do a forum search and find the subject.

I do know that the Doctors I have seen and questioned about other treatments, where ‘other’ means other than IVIG with immune suppression, they (the doctors) have usually said something like this. “It (the alternative treatment) is too dangerous, I prefer not to use it, IF the IVIG is working.”

This quote from [url][/url] seems to sum up the thinking.

“[I]…Cyclophosphamide is useful in immune disorders [COLOR=”Red”]with life threatening features [/COLOR]and in B-cell mediated disorders that respond to few other treatments. As it has serious side effects, [COLOR=”Red”]cyclophosphamide should be considered a treatment of last resort[/COLOR]…[/I]” Red highlight is my own.

One may see a comparison of a lot of treatments types on that web page.

The link you provided comes from The Division of Hematology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Johns Hopkins is a GBS-CIDP Center of Excellence. Presumably, if long term (or even high dose one-time) cytoxan treatment was a good option and if any of this board’s members went there, they might tell us about it.

There are other drugs involved with the SCT treatment plan. Seems to me the wording is something like this, “you will receive Cytoxan and some other drugs designed to specifically attack the immune system components that are causing your problem.”