Scissors use as ADL measure

June 7, 2011 at 10:52 am

Scissors belong on my original ADL go, no-go list. By birth I am right handed. Again, at my worst, I could not make any right hand cut with scissors. I bought a pair of left-handed scissors.

Alas, where are they when I want them?

Fast forward from ‘at my worst,’ to more recent times. I am able to neatly and (almost) precisely use scissors, right-handed to cut stuff.

Time, it has taken a long time. Over one year of mostly weekly IVIG and Imuran, 175 mg/day, to realize these gains. As the declines were slow, inexorable and hard to noice, so have the improvements ‘snuck’ up on me.

Make your own list. Monitor your abilities and ‘disabilities’ closely.